Debra Fitzgerald

Beth Furlong and Bob Ramaley
Laura Furnas
Dan and Sarah Gilbert
Andrew and Brittney Gorman
Christian and Sonya Gray
Cheri Halda
Kathleen Hall
Matt and Traci Hillestad
Martha Hoig
Marlo Ibarra
Kathleen Kelley
Donald and Sharon Kluge
Marc and Joan Kraft

Our Omaha Gives! Results

Thanks to you, our donors, the foundation had its best year yet during Omaha’s 24-hour charitable challenge raising $13,187 for Douglas County Health Center's long-term care residents. What a result! We are so grateful to everyone who believe in our efforts, touted our organization and donated to our cause. All of the money donated this year will be use towards the purchase of an eSea Virtual Aquarium for Alzheimer’s/dementia residents living on Tranquility Road. It is thrilling to be able to bring this technology to their neighborhood, thank you. We appreciate your support!

Please join us in our appreciation of these donors:

Kathryn Lalley Dewell

Edward Lindsay

Deborah MacDonald
Michael McClellan
Robert and Janis McLaughlin
Mary McHale and Joe Holm
Carolyn and Pete Miller
Emily and Craig Moody
Suzanne Moore
Laurie Payne
Mary and Delmer Powell
Jerry and Susan Prazan
John and Linda Rebrovic
Barbara Seefus

Anonymous x 5
Cathleen Amdor
Kali Baker
James and Leslie Cavanaugh
Stuart and Amy Chittenden
Marti Christensen
Joseph Coonce
Charlotte Curry
Linda Duckworth
Gayle and Clare Duda
Catherine Eberle
Dan Esch
Adrian and Kim Ferguson
Pete and Paige Festersen

Lisa Shkolnick

Annette and Paul Smith

Gloria Sorey

Seth Swanson
The Lozier Foundation
The Todd and Betiana Simon Foundation
Kathy and Vaugh Trask
Julie and Dennis Vesper
Jennifer and Erin Vik
Trilety Wade
Dr. Katie Weitz
Roger and Kate Weitz
Shandra and Mark Wilkins
Maggie Wood

The mission of Douglas County Health Center Foundation is to provide funds and in-kind services to enhance the quality of life for Douglas County Health Center long-term care residents and to support employee educational opportunities.

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