Twenty New Pocket Talkers at Douglas County Health Center

In August the Foundation funded the purchase of twenty new Pocket Talkers for

Douglas County Health Center neighborhoods. We are excited about these because

when a resident perhaps is harder of hearing or when hearing loss has occurred, this

equipment allows health center employees to more effectively communicate using this

3-Band amplifier and headphones set.

When listening through the headphones, background noise is damped down allowing

the speaker's voice to be amplified incorporating better audio clarity heard directly

by the resident. This also helps when conversations need to occur while remaining more

private and helps to cut down on something we've all likely observed in long-term care

settings: people simply adding volume to their speaking voice when talking. This added

volume method works, of course, however it isn't usually satisfactory. We like that these

Pocket Talkers benefit both parties when communicating and maintain dignity during

their conversations.

If you have a resident family member who might benefit from the use of Pocket Talkers,

there are two distributed to each neighborhood for use as needed. Please ask for them

during your loved one's care-giving, that's what they're there for!

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The mission of Douglas County Health Center Foundation is to provide funds and in-kind services to enhance the quality of life for Douglas County Health Center long-term care residents and to support employee educational opportunities.

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Douglas County Health Center's 5th Annual Frosty Treats Visit

Last week saw Douglas County Health Center's 5th annual visit from

ice cream truck Frosty Treats! Every August long-term care residents

spend an afternoon with Frosty Treats parked up at the health center,

where they ding-dong the bell and are able to enjoy at no cost to them

whatever frozen treat is their heart's delight!

While what's on offer shows some contemporary ice cream pops - hello

Sponge Bob Squarepants and hello Hello Kitty - there remains terrific old

classics. Through it all, one thing is certain, the fun remains the same,

this year's event had a wonderful resident turnout. Thank you so much to

Therapeutic Recreation for sponsoring all residents during this year's